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  • This is crazy when I try to test my map I get the errors below, but I know this is wrong? 005010X212 is correct!

    so does anyone have an idea why my map is doing this?

    by the way it errors when trying to test the map, but if I drop a file my orchestration that uses it inserts data into the database.

    This is a 276 5010 orchestration. I have a schema that call a stored Proc. The one schema is 5010 the other schema is a table in the database that the schema calls a stored proc and inserts into it.

    Error 15 Native Parsing Error: Non Segment level  : [5] X12_00501_276\ST\ST03_Version_Release_orIndustryIdentifier\ The 'ST03_Version_Release_orIndustryIdentifier' element has an invalid value according to its data type.
     D:\EDI\5010\MapGood5010Deptest3.x12 1 1
    Error 19 Native Parsing Error: Segment level  : Field Error : Segment ID - ST : Field Position - 3 : Current value - 005010X212
    BHT : [7] Invalid code value
     D:\EDI\5010\MapGood5010Deptest3.x12 1 1 

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  • You should set the 005010X212 value in the enumeration of valid ST03 values for your customized BizTalk schema of the 276. I am not sure why it works in the orchestration.


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