Understanding Rete- Can some expert help RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am doing evaluation of various BRE (Business rule engines).

    As a part of that, i need to understand RETE algorithm.

    I read most of the articles present online about the same but unable to understand it upto its root (Some of them are using CLIPS language which is even more difficult to understand).

    The articles talk about facts, LHS, RHS and conflict resolution.

    I understood that facts are values to the variables or statements against which rules are to be evaluated.

    One more thing which i understood that rete helps in reducing the number of nodes which needs to be traversed for reaching the goal by joining the similiar facts ( i am not sure whether it is goal or the ultimate rule which is to be executed )

    I don't know whether it helps in conflict resolution and if yes then how -(Sometimes at the end ,we reach two rules to be executed and then no clarification whether rete will further solves that also or not)

    I don't know how it puts LHS and RHS on the network it creates

    Also what is stored in working memory is not understandable

    Do we store actions inside the network created for rete

    Can somebody help me in understanding it.

    Thanks in advance



    Thursday, May 11, 2006 11:27 AM