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  • Hi,

    I'im using VS2008 and PB for WEC 7. I'm able to send my image to the device using KITL and the image loads as expected. But wherever I put a breakpoint, the debugger will never break on it. In Visual Studio, the breakpoint appears as an empty circle (which usually indicates the code won't be reached)...

    I did a full rebuild of the image and it didn't change the behavior...

    I manually copied the binaries (dll and pdb) in the flatreleasedir of the build configuration... no success...

    I put a breakpoint in the OAL, no success... still not breaking...

    Any idea where to look at?



    Friday, April 13, 2012 3:09 PM

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  • This is too obvious but did you build a DEBUG build or something else? You are including the Kernel Debugger (IMGNODEBUGGER = 0)? In the connectivity settings for the target, have you enabled the Kernel Debugger transport?

    You won't be able to break in the OAL before the initial processing of the kernel occurs. The best place to test is in a driver built 100% from source in your BSP. This way you can be pretty sure that it's DEBUG and that the source information in the DLL points to the correct source location. Until the driver DLL is loaded, the breakpoint won't show as active (the module isn't loaded yet). You might use DebugBreak(); in the driver Init() routine to give you a sure-thing break into the kernel debugger where you can set other breakpoints.

    Paul T.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012 7:03 PM