BizTalk EDI Disassembler Issue - There was no XML start tag open RRS feed

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  • We recently encountered an issue with the EDI Disassembler. The whole 837P batch file failed with the following exception even though it was configured to fail just the transactions with issues.

    "Fatal error encountered in EDI Disassembler, error information is There was no XML start tag open."

    After further troubleshooting i found the issue was with the order of the DTP segments in the 837P transaction.

    The DTP segments sequence originally came in

    After adjusting the sequence to the following, it worked fine.(The order of the DTP segments in the XSD 5010 Schema)


    I looked at the settings in the schema, and the DTP_Subloop Group Order Type is Set to ALL and the order shouldn't matter.

    Drop-down list choice Description
    All Specifies the element group as an all group. All groups allow their child elements to appear zero (0) or one (1) time, and in any order, in instance messages. Restrictions apply; see remarks for more information. Note: You can use All Group nodes only in relation to inheritance; they cannot generally be inserted directly into a schema. See remarks for additional information.
    Choice Specifies the element group as a choice group. A choice group allows only one of its child elements to appear in instance messages.
    Sequence Specifies the element group as a sequence group. Sequence groups require that child elements in instance messages appear in the same order as defined in the schema. This is the default value.

    I am not sure if this is a bug in the  EDIDisassembler component. We are currently using Biztalk 2013 R2 version.



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