need help with HCK test iSCSI SAN raid array RRS feed

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  • I am a total newbie to Windows Certification  Testing.  I have been tasked with running HCK with against our iSCSI SAN storage array (raid array). I have to admit that I have not met with much success. While I have been able to install the HCK on a Test Server, and the client software on the test computer  I question whether I even have the proper equipment to successfully complete the project.

    I have been able to create a simple test pool and associate it with a specific project. I have been able to change the status of my test machine within both the HCK manager and studio. The test pool may be selected during the selection process, and numerous tests may be scanned by the HCK. Problems always begin to occur when I start the test. 

    One type of failure that I have encountered was a "heartbeat" problem. While the test machine would not become ready until I completely removed the client software from the test computer, and then remove all traces of the test machine from the HCK server using the HCK manager and Studio. This included removing jobs, test machine, pool, and project. While thisinvolves a bit of work, at leat I have been able to recover from these types of failures.

    Other failures have included test machines that appear to completely freeze and become unresponsive. The jobs remain in the queues, and while I can monitor progress in the HCK manager, the system always seems to hang at some point. During some of these failures I have actually looked at result logs that appear to show partial success.

    When the second type of failure occurs, I usually wind up rebuilding the test computer.  As you can see from this post: I am not making any progress. As a result, I am stepping back abit.

    Any type of help would be greatly appreciated.

    russell such

    Friday, August 30, 2013 12:25 AM