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  • According to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/jj553431, the ASHWID changes based on hardware changes, some much more likely to change than others (such as Bluetooth adapter, network adapter, processor information, or docking station, all especially in the case of laptops). As such, it's not suggested to use it directly as a unique identifier, but instead to somewhat tell if it's the same device, given a confidence classifier based on similarity to currently stored data.

    Unfortunately, this is not good enough for me. I need something that will stay consistent with the user on the same device indefinitely. It appears that EasClientDeviceInformation seems to have this, since it *seems* to derive its information from the SIDs, which should not change. According to the doc it uses:

    "Returns the identifier of the local computer. The Id property represents the DeviceId using the GUID truncated from the first 16 bytes of the SHA256 hash of MachineID, User SID, and App ID where the MachineID uses the SID of the local users group. Each component of the GUID is returned in network byte order."

    So basically is uses the local users group SID, the User SID, and the App ID. This could work great for me, so long as the local users group SID never changes (as the User SID should not change with the user and neither should the App ID, unless I change it).

    So, will this change similar to the ASHWID, based on hardware changes? Are there instances (such as reinstall, etc) where any of these SIDs will change?


    Friday, August 23, 2013 6:24 PM


  • Hi,Nate

    According to your descripition,you want to get a unique ID in a device.The

    EasClientDeviceInformation.Id is not unique .It is consists of MachineID,User SID,

    and App ID.When your reinstall a app,the App ID may change.Also,when you use different

    user ID to login in the device,the user ID changed.If you want to get a unique ID in a decive,MAC

    address is the best option.You can refer to this discussion to get more information.

    Best Wishes!

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