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  • Okay, I started long ago, perhaps when some of you were in diapers!

    I'm an old school type, my first HTML was crafted on a Mac Classic 8mhz PC in a text editor and I used LYNX to view it. 

    Since then I've gone as far as GUI editors like FrontPage, I've played with PHP, and I've made a few .SWF files that I had trouble linking into the HTML but managed to make it work.

    Now I've taken the plunge to try and update myself and learn how to make a Silverlight app., but what I know isn't translating very well because I don't have a basic understanding of what each component does and how to end up with web-based content vs. a local 'application' that doesn't seem to have an online role.

    Essentially I was expecting Silverlight apps to work the same as SWF files, you go into an editor, you make some content, you link the content to the HTML and you're done.

    I've made animations as Silverlight Applications and Silverlight Sites that look good in a preview but aren't triggered by anything when I build the project and try it in my browser. I've made 'WPF Applications' that have animations and triggers, but don't actually compile to an .exe, and won't import into a Silverlight Site or Silverlight Application the way I'm trying to do it. All I end up with is some confusing piles of files and no idea of how to link anything into a website.

    I've found some tutorials but they aren't complete, they are just snippets of knoweldge with nothing binding them into a final result that goes online. Is there some basic tutorial I can look at that is focused on creating Silverlight content for display online and explains the roles of the various programs/tools like Expression Blend? My first goal is to simply make a splash page for a family website that gives you a fancy intro to the rest of the HTML based site.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Friday, July 4, 2008 7:56 PM