Automate content type hub update trough powershell for site creation RRS feed

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  • Ok guys, I've been trying and testing different options and scripts but none have worked to the extent I need, so a little (or a lot) guidance would help me big time.


    Our client has a SharePoint 2013 farm where it organizes all of its documents. They do batch uploads and according to a metadata column value the document will be loaded in the corresponding site collection with the same name as the field. Moreover, according to the customer ID the document will be stored in one of 11 folders. They want a script that will automatically build a new site collection using a template, create these 11 folders, add security groups and users, permissions (all that working trough a script I made) AND update the column on the content type hub with the new site so batch uploading will work in the batch uploading process.


    can't find a way to update the content type hub and add the new element to the column trough powershell AND update their previous sites. 

    Solutions I've tested:

    Altough I've added manually the new element to the column other site collections won't update unless I manually force each and every library to use the content type hub as default. This is because the sites are set up as publication sites so I can't save them as template and while the libraries use a template that has all the fields (from the original deployment) I need to find a way to automatically push these updates trough the libraries or sites.

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to implement this solution?

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 9:20 PM