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  • I'm building an application which utilizes an Azure SQL DB.

    I have created a .NET executable that gets some data from the DB and sends some emails based on that data.

    The client needs this executable to be invoked once a day.

    I tried to create a job in Azure Scheduler, but it was asking me for http addresses and junk like that.

    My client does not have, want, or need a webapp, website, or appservice of any kind. They don't want to pay for it.

    Is there anything in Azure scheduler that will allow the execution of a single .exe without the overhead of a website, webapp, or appservice? The client doesn't want to pay $30 a month or however much it is to simply kick off a job once a day.

    Let me know if you know of anything like this.


    Monday, January 4, 2016 12:00 AM


  • I have answered my own question, and will provide details on how I accomplished this.

    First, the reason I had to ask this question to begin with is a point of frustration for me, and the next paragraph contains feedback for any Microsoft Azure reps who may be reading the forums. You can skip the next paragraph if you don't want to hear the feedback.

    Being new to Azure is challenging. The marketing and education for Azure, while a solid effort, could use some improvement. Functionality is not fully fleshed out in the official Azure documentation, and you have to resort to searching blogs and forum posts to figure out how to utilize Azure to the fullest. In addition, some messaging is confusing, and I've had a difficult time figuring out exactly which resources can perform which functions, some of them having various name changes over time adding to the confusion. For pricing, I've had a hard time determining what is charged and when. For example: what exactly constitutes a minute of usage? This should be explained somewhere. If I have a webapp that is sitting idle 99% of the day, am I charged for minutes of actual usage, or minutes of idle availability? I've seen conflicting messaging regarding this on the Azure site, and honestly, still haven't figured out the answer.

    To schedule an executable you have to first create a WebApp in Azure Portal...assuming you don't already have one. I chose a Standard pricing tier that estimated $40 something per month. Will my client actually be charged $40 something per month for an app that has a total execution time of less than 2 mins per day? No idea...I'm turning it on and I'll wait and see what charges are applied.

    Now that you have a WebApp resource in your Azure Portal, click on it, and then click on Properties.

    Scroll down until you come to a menu option called WebJobs.

    Create a new WebJob. It will ask you to upload a file. Upload a Zip file containing everything needed to run the exe including config and dependency dll files.

    You can configure it to run continuously or on demand. For a scheduled job, I chose on demand, and I assume that is what you will need to select if you are doing a scheduled job.

    That creates your job and makes it available to execute......now for the scheduling.

    The below blog post does a much better job of explaining it than I can. Follow the instructions in the blog post to schedule your job:


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