Installation of VS 2013 Update 5 for the isolated shell


  • Hi,

    we do create applications based on VS 2013 isolated shell. After installing the redistribute shell setup, I want to apply the update 5 to it but is there a way to target only the isolated shell and avoid installing extra features that we do not require like LightSwitch, TypeScript, etc?

    Actually I tried using a command like "vs2013.5.exe /AddRemoveFeatures KB2829760" but this does not work.

    Any advice would be appreciate. Thank you!

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016 3:26 PM


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  • Hi R. Pearson,

    In Visual Studio 2013, the optional features will be listed as below image shows when you choose custom install. For example, you can uncheck the LightSwitch feature in setup windows.

    If the feature, such as TypeScript, is not listed in setup window, please try find it on Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall it from there.

    If it also not listed in Control Panel, please try with msiinv tool which will list all installed msi on your OS. In that way you can check them and if you want to remove any of them, you may try the msiexec /x<product code> to remove that component. More information about this tool, please refer to below blog.

    Best Regards,

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016 7:06 AM
  • Hi,

    this is not exactly what I mean. The isolated shell setup does not come with the update 5. It is required to install the shell first and after to apply the update. But, the update 5 setup does not allow to select features to install.

    My question is then:

    Is there a way with command line to install the update 5 but only with features that apply to the isolated shell and not more?



    Wednesday, February 24, 2016 2:11 PM
  • Hi R. Pearson,

    Sorry for misunderstanding.

    As far as I know, when we install Update for Visual Studio, it will install all features that provided in that Update. I'm afraid that there doesn't have such command line at present.

    I suggest you submit this requirement to Visual Studio User Voice and then share the link here. It can let other communities who has the same requirement to vote and add comments for your feedback. Thanks for your feedback to Visual Studio Product.

    If you don't want other features, please try use the msiinv tool that mentioned in my first reply to uninstall them.

    Best Regards,

    Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:51 AM
  • Hi Weiwei Cai,

    thank you for your reply. This was the answer that I was afraid off. But I was expecting it honestly.

    I did what you suggested me and I shared my idea on the Visual Studio User Voice. For those who are reading this post, please access it and vote for it if you have the same problem than I do!

    I can't add the link at the moment but simply go the the User Voice link above and in the "Enter you idea" box, type in the following:

    Would be great that the isolated shell setup follow each update releases

    Update: Add the feedback link here


    R. Pearson

    Thursday, February 25, 2016 2:14 PM
  • Hi R. Pearson,

    Thanks for you response and sharing your feedback here. I will help you add the link in your reply and I have vote it. Please mark your reply as answer later to close this thread.

    If any other problems with Visual Studio IDE, please feel free to come back to our forum to create new threads.

    Best Regards,

    Friday, February 26, 2016 2:14 AM