My Windows Mobile program hangs on kernel address 0x88045644 RRS feed

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  • Hello,
    I'm developing a Windows Mobile application.
    The application uses WinInet.
    Now I'm testing it on the Windows Mobile 6 Professional - VGA emulator using Visual Studio 2005.
    And occasionally it hangs.
    When it hangs, and I press pause button on Visual Studio debugging menu, many threads (7! ...I only created 2 threads, others are created by libraries - maybe WInInet, and etc.) including the main thread hangs on kernel address 0x88045644.
    Disassembly of the address near it is as follows:

    88045618 E1A01006         mov         r1, r6 
    8804561C EBFFC96A         bl          88037BCC 
    88045620 E3A03002         mov         r3, #2 
    88045624 E58D3000         str         r3, [sp] 
    88045628 E3A06000         mov         r6, #0 
    8804562C E3A04002         mov         r4, #2 
    88045630 E59F011C         ldr         r0, [pc, #0x11C] 
    88045634 E28D2008         add         r2, sp, #8 
    88045638 E28D1000         add         r1, sp, #0 
    8804563C E58D6008         str         r6, [sp, #8] 
    88045640 EBFFC961         bl          88037BCC 
    88045644 E5983000         ldr         r3, [r8]       <-- here!
    88045648 E1A07000         mov         r7, r0 
    8804564C E1D330B0         ldrh        r3, [r3] 
    88045650 E3130901         tst         r3, #1, 18 
    88045654 158D4000         strne       r4, [sp] 
    88045658 1AFFFFF4         bne         88045630 
    8804565C E59D1008         ldr         r1, [sp, #8] 
    88045660 E3510000         cmp         r1, #0 
    88045664 0A000008         beq         8804568C 
    88045668 E59D3000         ldr         r3, [sp] 
    8804566C E3530000         cmp         r3, #0 
    88045670 1A000003         bne         88045684 
    88045674 E59F00D4         ldr         r0, [pc, #0xD4] 

    What function is on this address?

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010 10:29 AM

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  • did you try hard resetting the emulator? sometimes it can be something you have done earlier :)
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    Sunday, April 4, 2010 2:20 AM