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  • Hi Community,

    I’m referring to following link to create the Share Point Development environment.

    The issue that I come across is:

    After completing step 13 (Installation of Active Directory Domain Services and promoting AD server to Domain Controller in a new forest) ; I’m unable to RDC to Active Directory VM.

    Interesting point is; I’m able to RDC to this VM to create a partition as mentioned in STEP 12.

    There are some points to note that the documentation is different than the real life scenario e.g.

    1. Referring to point #13 ; documentation says that “Volume Location for NTDS database, log and SYSVOL folders: F:”

    However, the system doesn’t let me to do so. I get the error message that SYSVOL must be different than others.

    1. System doesn’t asks me to create “Affinity Group” as mentioned in #2.4

    Have any of you come across this? Any idea on how to deal with this, or can any one refer to me to right documentation that worked for you recently..


    Friday, February 20, 2015 2:39 PM

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  • this is probably better for an Azure forum, but here's my thoughts:

    - Affinity Groups are designed to keep related resources closer to each other (within the same data center)... so for example, keeping the VM (execution) and VHD its hard drive(s) in the same room/rack... not a HUGE impact on performance, but worth the extra steps... Affinity groups are configured down in the Settings section... and can only be used AFTER they're created... can't (easily) move them from a location to an affinity group.

    - Regarding the volume locations for AD... not a huge issue... a lot of SMBs run domain controllers on a single volume, so SYSVOL and such exist on the C drive.

    Though all said and done, I'd just use one of Azure's pre-built SharePoint VMs and add visual studio.

    Scott Brickey
    Strategic Data Systems - for all your SharePoint needs

    Friday, February 20, 2015 3:01 PM
  • So you were able to RDP initially but later you were not able to do the same? Did you try restarting the system once and see if it connects after restart?

    Are you trying to connect using the same network ?

    Geetanjali Arora | My blogs |

    Friday, February 20, 2015 4:50 PM
  • Geetanjali,

    I was able to RDC initially; but not later. Did restart as well.

    On the Azure portal, I select VM for AD and then, use "connect" to RDC to VM.

    Friday, February 20, 2015 5:48 PM
  • Is the network from where you are trying to connect is same ? Are you trying to connect from home or office ?

    In case the network is different it might be the firewall issue.

    Geetanjali Arora | My blogs |

    Saturday, February 21, 2015 3:29 AM