WEC7 on ARMv7: SDHCLib precompiled library was not updated with a QFE RRS feed

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  • A recent QFE updated the SDHOST_API_FUNCTIONS struct in public\common\oak\inc\sdhcd.h. An SDHC support library (public\common\oak\drivers\sdcard\SDHCLib\SDHCLib.cpp) includes this header file. The precompiled public\common\oak\lib\$(_TGTCPU)\$(WINCEDEBUG)\SDHCLib.lib static library was not updated with the QFE, causing a mismatch in the size of the SDHOST_API_FUNCTIONS struct and a subsequent runtime failure when the dwSize member of the struct (set by the outdated library to 0x28) is checked against the actual size of the struct (which is now 0x48).

    We have worked around this issue by manually compiling the SDHCLib driver to replace the precompiled library, but we feel that it would be an easy fix for Microsoft to get into a subsequent QFE.

    Monday, January 13, 2014 4:50 PM