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    Hello there,

    i'm noob to .net and have so far managed to successfully modif the clubsite starter kit to my customised design and done some minor changes to the pages. However i've encountered two problems and would appreicate any kind sould who could provide some assitance..

    1. I need another section called "memos" which is an exact duplicate of the "announcements" section. I have already created another table called "memos" (duplicated from announcements), duplicated and changed the codes for the "news_list.aspx, news_edit.aspx and news_view.aspx" files. right now it edits and deletes perfectly from my "memos" table. but it doesn't create any new entries.. is there a step which i missed out on? btw the update statement is as follows (if it helps)


            SelectCommand="SELECT id, itemdate, title, description, staticURL, photo, albumid from memos where Memos.id=@id"
            InsertCommand="INSERT INTO Memos(itemdate, title, description, staticURL, photo, albumid) VALUES (@itemdate, @title, @description, @staticURL, @photo, @albumid)"
            UpdateCommand="UPDATE Memos SET itemdate = @itemdate, title = @title, description = @description, staticURL = @staticURL, photo = @photo, albumid = @albumid WHERE (id = @id)"
            DeleteCommand="Delete from Memos where id=@id" OldValuesParameterFormatString="{0}">



    2. I need the posts to be formatted (just like this message composer) where the carriage returns are detected. Currently it just displays whatever i entered as one string of text, hence it would be super cool if it also can do bolds, italics, etc.


    I'm really new to asp.net and would appreciate if any step-by-step tutorial could be provided...thanks in advance!


    Friday, January 20, 2006 4:18 AM

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    anyone can provide any help on the above?
    Tuesday, January 31, 2006 9:45 PM