How can I calculate CJK(Chinese, Japaneses, Korean) fonts single line spacing to render characters as same as MS WORD? RRS feed

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  • I asked this query( before, but it is out of scope now.
    I need to ask you this issue again.

    Windows Metric OpenType Metric
    ascent usWinAscent
    descent usWinDescent
    internal leading usWinAscent + usWinDescent - unitsPerEm
    external leading MAX(0, LineGap - ((usWinAscent + usWinDescent) - (Ascender - Descender)))

    The suggested BTBD(Baseline to Baseline Distance) = ascent + descent + external leading

    In English fonts it works well but in CJK(Chinese, Japaneses, Korean) fonts it doesn't.

    For example, "Malgun Gothic" font case

    ascent = 2229 (funit)

    descent = 495 (funit)

    linegap = 0 (funit)

    BTBD = 2724 (funit)

    The document(consist of Malgun Gothic characters) doesn't look like MS Word.

    If it looks like MS Word, BTBD should be 3520(funit).

    How can I calculate the line height in this "Malgun Gothic" font to render as same as MS Word(recent version)?

    Which data should be combined and calculated? (ascent + decent + linegap + what else...?)

    Thank you for reading my issue.

    Friday, August 19, 2016 8:56 AM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting here.

    This forum(Word for Developers) is for developer discussions and question involving Microsoft Word, like developing issues related with word object model.

    According to your description, your issue is not related to word object model, we apologize that we could not offer helpful suggestions for you.

    Besides, in my opinion, Microsoft does not expose the algorithm to us based on my research.



    Monday, August 22, 2016 9:58 AM