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    Hi,  I've been racking my brains out on trying to figure this out, and was hoping perhaps someone on this forum might have an answer.

    I have a report that calls a subreport,  the user gets to this subreport by clicking on a link within the report.   The link is a total for a particular section.

    For example..

    Country                       Sales

    US                              $8000

    UK                              $5000

    JAPAN                        $2000


    So for example, if you click on the $5000 (for Japan)  a sub-report is launched,  only showing data for Japan.

    Well here's the problem,  each of these countries has regions.   In the case of UK and JAPAN, it's simple, they have one region each.  (i.e. JAPAN, UK),  but the U.S. has multiple regions (East, West, Central, etc.)

    If someone clicks on Japan ($5000),  I simply pass the JAPAN region to the subreport, in the parameters section of the Navigation/Jump-To-Report Tab...   like this...

    SalesRegion = "JAPAN"

    However if they click on U.S.  ($8000),  I can't  do  SalesRegion = "US"  Because US is actually made up of East,West,Central.

    I tried this...

    SalesRegion = "East, West, Central"         No Luck

    I also tried this...

    =Parameters!SalesRegion.Value(2,3,4)       (2 = East, 3 = West, 4 = Central)

    No Luck either.


    Anyone have any ideas how I can pass just a select group of Parameters to a sub report?    If I want to pass one,  or all, it works,  but what if I want to pass just 3 of the 5?

    Thanks in advance








    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 2:57 PM


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    A fellow employee figured it out.  You can do this with the SPLIT function.

    =Split("EAST WEST CENTRAL", " ")

    Sure would be nice if it there was an easier way to find out how to do something that should be very easy to do.

    Thanks Microsoft.


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    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 9:11 PM

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