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  • Hi,

    I have a peculiar problem or I may not be aware of the correct option.

    First the behavior I want the task process to do:

    I have a task process where i am assigning a single task to 12 members in parallel for my organization. They should be able to Approve, Reject, Request Change or Re-assign on the task individually.

    But I must wait for all the responses and if one member select "Reject" and all other 11 members select "Approve", the workflow must exit. Also, the same case with one member selecting "Request Change" or "Re-assign".

    Also, if one member selects "Reject", any number of members selects "Request Change", any number of members selects "Re-assign", remaining members all select "Approve", then also the workflow must exit.

    The "Task Options" available:

    1. Wait for all responses 2. Wait for first response 3. Wait for a specific response 4. Wait for a percentage of reponses.

    My Question:

    Which Option should I select to satisfy my requirement mentioned above? 

    Any help is much appreciated.



    Wednesday, January 27, 2016 1:42 PM

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  • Hi SureshBVR,

    From your description, my understanding is that, you assign a task process to 12 members, once one member reject it, the workflow exits and shows “Rejected”.

    I have done test and here are my result:

    When I select “Wait for all response”, all 12 members need to execute the task process, but the workflow always shows “Completed” no matter what outcome each member gives.

    When I select “Wait for a specific response” and the Required Outcome is “Rejected”, once one member reject the task, the workflow exits and other members don’t need to execute the task process. At the same time, the workflow shows “Completed” instead of “Rejected”.

    If you want to display workflow status like “Approved” or “Rejected”, you will need to use SharePoint 2010 workflow template to create Approval workflow:


    Best regards,

    Aaren liu   

    TechNet Community Support
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    Thursday, January 28, 2016 8:52 AM
  • Hi Aaren,

    Thanks for responding.

    My problem is not displaying "Approved" or "Rejected". Also, my requirement is to develop this workflow only using SharePoint 2013. The link you have mentioned is for SharePoint 2010 workflows. I don't mind the workflow showing "Completed".

    Out of the four options, which one will give me the correct option to select so that it satisfies "all" the criteria I mentioned in previous mail. i.e., the task process should be able to give me outcome based on overall responses. After the 12 members have selected their responses, the task process should give me the below mentioned outcomes:

    1. If all 12 responses are "Approved", then the overall task process outcome should be "Approved".

    2. If 1 response is "Rejected" (I don't care for other responses), then the overall task process outcome should be "Rejected".

    3. If 11 responses are "Approved" & 1 response is "Request Change", then the overall task process outcome should be "Request Change".

    4.  If 11 responses are "Approved" & 1 response is "Reassign Task", then the overall task process outcome should be "Reassign Task".

    I want to know if the current "Task Process" will be able to do the above scenarios. If not what is the best solution for my query. 

    Also the following is entirely a different query from above:

    1. Can I create two workflows for a same SharePoint 2013 List? If yes, how to connect these two workflows.

    Basically I want to know if the below scenario is possible in SharePoint 2013?

    One workflow starts when an item is created. The other is secondary to the first one (i.e., primary) which starts when an List Column (Item in field) value is set by the primary workflow. The primary workflow now should wait for output from secondary workflow.

    Now once the secondary workflow is finished executing, this will set a value for an other List column (Item in field). Based on this value in other List Column, the primary workflow will resume (where it exited to secondary workflow) and finish the rest of the workflow.

    Please help me in this regard...................



    Thursday, January 28, 2016 1:49 PM
  • Hi Suresh,

    How do you achieve "Re-Assign" & "Request a Change" in SharePoint 2013? I am using Visual Studio 2013 & creating 2013 workflow only.

    Friday, April 21, 2017 1:08 PM
  • Hi Suresh,

    I need to achieve the same as you. Have you managed to get this right? I would appreciate all the guidance. 

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:54 AM
  • hi Suresh,

    did you get a solution for this?



    Monday, October 16, 2017 1:48 PM