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    Hi Guys.


    Major problem.


    I copied all my clubsite files to a ftp-server which was given to me by the hosting company. Anyway, when I uploaded the files I expected the site to run. Not the case.


    According to the hosting company, they are searching for the database file "ClubDB" which is shown in the webconfig file.


    Well, I searched my entire computer and was unable to find a "CLUBDB" database.


    I know there are 2 database files called ASPNETDB.mdf and club.mdf, but according to the hosting company the webconfig file refers  to CLUBDB as the database and not ASPNETDB.mdf or club.mdf. 


    Please help!! I need the site to go live asap.


    Warm regards,


    Wynand Vermaak

    Friday, January 29, 2010 6:26 AM

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  • User-510227478 posted

    You need somehow to map your connection string to use the local database on the server. I highligthed the part you need to play with and you might need to change it in code or your hosting company tells you the exact path to your database.

    <add key="ConnectionString"
    value="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" &
    Server.MapPath(".") & "DATABASE\test.mdb;
    " />

    Hope this helps

    Friday, January 29, 2010 9:45 AM