Leave Tracker using SharePoint RRS feed

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  • I am building a leave tracker using SharePoint and Infopath. I am trying to incorporate the formula networkdays.intl() from excel to the form to calculate the number of working days between the start and end dates of a person's vacation. I am running into some trouble implementing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Due to policy restrictions, I cannot use any 3rd party apps. My requirements as below.

    1. Employee clicks new item in a calendar / SharePoint list.

    2. Employee enters start and end date of vacation

    3. Employee chooses his week-offs from a drop down (Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon, Mon-Tue, .. )

    4. The form calculates the working days between the start and end dates (***This is the tricky part***)

    5. Approval email is triggered to the employee's manager ( from active directory using getuserprofilebyname)

    6. Manager clicks link in the email to be redirected to the same form to approve / reject

    7. Approval gets recorded and email triggered to employee with approval status.



    Monday, October 3, 2016 8:02 AM