Small Basic is not kind to the visually impaired RRS feed

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  • I am one of approximately 30% of visually impaired people.  Like so many other programs, Small Baisc is not easy for me, or many other potential users, to use.

    In particular, SB does not utilize the user's choice of theme.  Since one of my problems is glaucoma, I find that glaring white background intollerable, even painful if stared at for long periods of time.

    I suggest that SB be modified to employ the user's choice of theme rather than its own colors.  As it stands, SB uses SOME of the set theme, such as the Windows Background Color, but then makes incompatible choices for foreground colors.  This often leads to extremely difficult to read displays, usually to point of impossibility. 

    Alternatively, ignore the user's colors all together.  At least I can then use an inversion utility.  But I prefer the above suggestion.

    All one has to do is set High Contrast Black as the color theme and run SB.  Good luck!

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 9:38 PM