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    Running Windows 7, (we tried 10, it screwed up our network, we went back to 7), all 5 systems in network are desktop systems, all are wired - no wireless, 1 system is being used only as a server. On the server we have a folder labeled Documents. In this folder we store everything we wish to share among ourselves. Maybe 4 weeks ago now is when Win10 screwed up our network and that same day or nearly the same day and ever since, some of the files in our shared documents folder can not be opened by any of us and are labeled "Access denied. Contact your administrator." All 61 of the folders in our shared documents folder will open. I have spot checked the files in those folders and have not found any that would not open. Of the individual files in the main documents folder, 7 of the 33 Excel 97-2003 are Access denied... 2 of the 7 Excel 2010 files are Access denied... 4 of the 11 Word 97-2003 files are Access denied... 1 of the 7 Word 2010 files are Access denied... Not effected are folders and contents, pdf, frm, jpeg, msg, txt. Originally I thought it would be a simple thing to go Properties > Security and simply reconfigure the blocked files to resemble the working files. What I found is I'm unable to change or edit anything because I no longrer have permission. I have read a couple MS articles I was able to Google up to get this far. Has anyone found an article that tells how to re-gain permission after it has been taken away? All ideas, suggestions, comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:41 PM