How can I rename the generated 'screen' classes created in the source code for SketchFlow screens? RRS feed

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  • Greets,

    I am working with a team of individuals who will be prototyping our projects with SketchFlow.  While I understand it *is* a prototyping tool, one of the biggest draws that it has for our company is the fact that the resulting projects can be the basis of a Silverlight 3 project in which development will be providing: a) a bindable data model; b) custom controls; and c) custom behaviors.

    Now, from Expression Blend 3, when creating screens, I can rename those screens in the SketchFlow map; likewise, in the project settings, I can rename the XAML file to something more meaningful as well.  However, in the code-behind, the class name and constructor remain something like "Screen1".

    I have found a solution where a Visual Studio 2008 developer can use the 'refactor' ability to re-name all instances of "Screen1", however, the 'XAML' must then be excluded from the project and re-added in order for the XAML to be updated with the new class name.  This is a step that is not mentioned in the Expression Blend 3 documentation, but it does appear to work.

    Is there a way in Expression Blend 3 to not only rename the 'screen' or the 'xaml', but also to rename the generated class in the C# (or VB for those who use it) so that our team doing the prototyping and the development team converting the project for production can keep similar naming conventions with as little steps as possible?  It would actually be nice if one were prompted for the name of the screen and the SketchFlow map object, XAML, source file *and* class name were created accordingly.  I imagine that keeping consistent naming conventions would even be difficult between multiple people prototyping if they didn't follow some shared discipline.

    In that regard, is my method the only way to rename classes for developers or is there something I have been overlooking in Expression Blend 3 with SketchFlow projects?  Any answers are welcome.


    Friday, October 23, 2009 1:05 AM