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  • Hi, need help in retrieving the AzureRM Schduler Job Action Authentication Properties using AzureRM PowerShell. When i execute  " Get-AzureRmSchedulerJob -ResourceGroupName $rg -JobCollectionName $jcolname -JobName $jname | ConvertTo-Json " cmdlet was able to get the properties except the "HttpJobAuthentication". Have configured the certificate authentication in Azure Portal and able to see the Certificate Thumbprint and expiredate. But could not able to get the same using PowerShell. 

    This is my Output when i run above cmdlet:

        "ResourceGroupName":  "xxxxxxxxxxx",
        "JobCollectionName":  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "JobName":  "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "Lastrun":  "\/Date(1516615928173)\/",
        "Nextrun":  null,
        "StartTime":  "\/Date(1516281250707)\/",
        "Status":  "Completed",
        "Recurrence":  null,
        "Failures":  0,
        "Faults":  0,
        "Executions":  1,
        "EndSchedule":  "Run once",
        "JobAction":  {
                          "RequestMethod":  "GET",
                          "Uri":  "https://xxxxxxxxxxx.com",
                          "RequestBody":  null,
                          "RequestHeaders":  {
                                                 "k1":  "h1",
                                                 "k2":  "h2",
                                                 "k3":  "hh"
                          "HttpJobAuthentication":  {
                                                        "ClientCertSubjectName":  null,
                                                        "ClientCertThumbprint":  null,
                                                        "ClientCertExpiryDate":  null,
                                                        "HttpAuthType":  "ClientCertificate"
                          "JobActionType":  1
        "JobErrorAction":  null

    Any help/info on retrieving the HttpJobAuthentication properties. Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, January 23, 2018 12:12 PM

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