Adding text at the very end of the report RRS feed

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  • The users want the end of every report to say "*** End of Report ***". To prevent the need to add this to every one of our reports and deal with changes in style and layout over time, I built an XML node for the TextBox to display the End of Report text. So I open the .rdlc file, append the new TextBox and then pass the file along to the ReportViewer.

    My problem is getting this to be the end of the report. If I put in a <Top> tag, it sometimes puts the "End of Report" in between other tables and such on the form. If I leave off the <Top> tag, it puts it at the top of the report.

    Is there a way to somehow define that I want this text AFTER every other control on the last page of the report?


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    Friday, December 10, 2010 12:20 AM