CubeValue() function returning #NA RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am using CubeValue function to generate a report in Excel 2010.

    The syntax is like - 


    G16 is =CUBESET(ConnectionName,CurrentYearYTDMonthSpan,Current_year)

    Based on the user input, CurrentYearYTDMonthSpan is calculated based on the user parameter 'Last Month'.

    • When I provide the parameter as April'2013 the CurrentYearYTDMonthSpan is calculated as - 

    [Date].[Broadcast Month].[All].[JAN 2013 (B)]:[Date].[Broadcast Month].[All].[APR 2013 (B)]

    and the cube value function return #N/A.

    • When I remove the G16 from the Cubevalue function above it works fine but I need to pass Date also to it.
    • When I provide the parameter as March'2013 or any other month-year combination my report runs fine but not for April'13.
    • My Cube holds data until April'13. When I query directly for April'2013 it gives data.

    Any inputs on this please, thanks in advance.


    Monday, July 29, 2013 10:18 AM

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