project built target .net4.0 fails to launch on win 7 systems with .net 4.5 installed RRS feed

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  • we have a software that is pretty stable for the past few years, and lately has a lot of field issues with the new build. Our system is built target .net 4. If the client machine has no .net4.5 installed, it works fine on all systems. But if client has the windows update turned on, and download any version of .net 4.5, our software crushes on launch, but with Win 7 system only. Win 8 works just fine.

    For the same crushed system, we install two versions of our software, one with SQL CE 3.5, one without. only the one with SQL CE3.5 crushes. -- And we do copy all assemblies locally rather than reference the system. (who knows which assemblies they will reference in turn?)

    Anyone else has the same issue? if we do uninstall .net 4.5, and reinstall .net 4, it will fix our problem. but that is NOT an acceptable solution for our user. (we also deploy our software in dozens of countries, some are more likely than others to fail, which is another story.)

    I am looking for a hot fix or a better solution to the problem. Hope someone else have the same experience can help us. 

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