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  • 1) We are debating the meaning of "Simply load the tool on your test-bed and point the Works with Wizard at your application." found in the Works With Getting Started Guide.  Do we run WWT within the Guest OS or from the Host OS (does it look from within or from without)? 
    2) Virus Scan software - required in both OS's?
    3) For client/server, can we run the client code in the server or does it require Windows 7 (and if so, do we need to sign up for Windows 7 distinct from the Server program)? 
    Tuesday, August 4, 2009 7:39 PM

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  • Hi Carlo,

    We can clarify that statement of "point the Works with Tool at your application". Which Works with Getting Started Guide did you read that in? Here is the latest "Application Compatibility and Certification Getting Started Guide".

    1. The Works with Tool is a wizard based tool which informs when to install your application, when to perform Primary Functionality, and when to uninstall. The Works with Tool runs on the same (virtual) machine where you will be installing your application. Please install all prerequisite Software, and Window Features and Roles prior to running the Works with Tool.

    2. Anti-Virus software must be running on the machine where your application will be installed. The Logo Program has no requirements for running anti-virus software on the Hyper-V host (or Parent Partition). Best Practice?

    3. Client components of the Server application must be tested as well. Client components that are designed to run on a Workstation, may run on Windows Server 2008 R2. Client components designed to run on client operating system, must be run on any x64 bit Windows 7 edition, physical or virtual. Note that the client components of server applications are tested concurrently to the Server component. During the screen which asks to test Primary Functionality, many Server applications do not, by design, have a UI to exercise, thus it is the Client components that will be exercising the Server component.

    Note that there is no Logo associated with a separately sold Client component of a Server application, though the 'Compatible with Windows 7' Logo Program may be of interest for these separate Clients.

    For more information regarding the Works with Tool, and help on interpreting Works with logs, please visit the Works with Tool blog.

    Hope this has been helpful,

    Paul | Windows Server Logo
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    Friday, August 7, 2009 2:05 AM
  • Thanks, Paul.

    I think we will need to put the AV on both Host and Guest OS, else our IT Department has a coronary :-)  For simplicity sake, we will exercise the client piece within the guest OS in Hyper-V as it isn't explicitly designed to run on a client OS and there are cases where some software we would have running as a Service on Windows Server 2008 would also act as a client to another service running on another machine.

    Friday, August 7, 2009 2:51 AM