Drill through navigation parameters?


  • Hi,

    Running SSRS 2005 and I'm trying to build a report with a drill through to a detailed report.  The parent report is a matrix with delivery method defined as the rows and a delivery route for the columns.

    In the child report I have defined two parameters for delivery method and delivery route as multi-select drop-down lists so the user can select any combination of methods vs. routes.  The drop-down lists are populated from simple queries from a table in the database.  Hope that makes sense.

    Problem I'm having is I can't quite work out how to set the parameters for the navigation.  For example, say I have FedEx as one of my delivery methods and I want to click on the FedEx cell and have the child report show me the FedEx deliveries for all delivery routes.  And accordingly when someone clicks on one of the route headers the child report should return the records for all of the delivery methods associated with that route.

    Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Sunday, August 03, 2014 8:50 PM


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