WPRUI and Exception RRS feed

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  • When I do capture traces on my x64 Windows 7 with WPRUI as last step the PDBs are created via NGen. This does work quite well. But if I have many managed modules the pdb generation can take up to minutes which is ok but during this time the trace seem to continue capturing. This can lead to captured traces with invalid stacks because the buffers did become full.

    In a future version I would like an option to stop the traces when I do save a trace session.Is there a workaround possible?

    The other issue is that for some managed modules the pdb generation does fail (Ngen worker process does crash). In this case the UI does wait until I click the crash message box from WER away. I would prefer a more silent approach without blocking the UI even if some pdbs could not be created. This issue is more disturbing since I will get these boxes every time because the pdb generation does never succeed.


     Alois Kraus

    Saturday, January 5, 2013 12:36 PM