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    I'm about to submit an app to the store consisting of a C# executable and  C++/CX WinRT component. The app will have a single price and will require only a single purchase via the Windows Store (i.e. no in-app purchases) and will be downloadable as a fully functional 14-day trial.

    Given the points raised here:



    I'm thinking about doing some limited receipt validation when I detect inside the app that the trial has expired.

    I'm not set up to do full receipt validation since I don't at the moment have a server set up to do this. What I was thinking of doing in the short term was simply to check that a receipt exists, and use that fact as a test that the program has been purchased. Is this a reasonable thing to do? In the sense: is it an improvement on simply checking trial expiry?

    In terms of action to take if no receipt is found (the checking would be done in the C++ component), my first thought is to terminate the program silently, This is standard practice in desktop apps since it gives less of a clue about where to look for the exit point, but is it acceptable practice in a Windows Store app? It should only ever happen when the program is being incorrectly used.

    My apologies that these may not be questions with black and white answers, I'm simply seeking some advice/guidance.

    Friday, October 25, 2013 3:10 PM

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