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    I'm looking to develop two separate apps - one an editor suite, and the other the game engine - similar to the RPG Maker game engine series. My plan is to allow users to develop games in the Editor toolset, which would then be exported to a compressed file and could be read by the Engine app in order to play a game. The question I have is regarding clause 3.9 of the certification requirements; I understand that I cannot allow the inclusion of code that changes how the apps interact with the WinRT environment, but am I allowed to dictate general game logic (for example, allowing the users to script a custom in-game monster)? I am still in the process of determining whether the game logic users are permitted to edit will be done in a scripting language (such as JavaScript using Google's V8 library) or a visual scripting engine, but regardless of which direction I go with this I will not be permitting users to access anything low-level -- they will deal entirely with high-level concepts, such as editing the position of a mob on screen, adding an item to the player's inventory, etc.

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    Cassy "Mina-chan" Brink

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  • I don't exactly see a specifically short question there, but you can certainly have a "game document" that is loaded by the player app , and that was made by the editor app.

    The user would have to install the player app and then somehow find the game data, either online or in their local storage.

    Darin R.

    Monday, March 31, 2014 10:17 PM