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  • Hello,

    At this moment we're working on a Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations implementation. 
    The requirement is to use data from the D365FO for on premise reporting.

    High level

    D365FO exports > Azure SQL DB > On prem DB

    • So we export data from the D365FO to the Azure SQL DB via data entities. This works as a charm
    • Afterwards we want to sync that Azure SQL DB to our on prem DB


    The moment we set up the data sync everything goes (no errors). The initial push of data is also ok.
    We can delete records > that gets synced to the on premise DB without a problem. However if we create a NEW record in the azure SQL DB (thats via D365 FO export) it DOESN'T get synced to our on premise DB.


    1) Initial push of data = ok = both tables got for example 5 records and both are the same (the logging says 5 records synced)

    2) We delete a record > processing is ok > both table got 4 records (Azure & On Prem)

    3) We add a new record in the azure SQL DB (azure SQL DB got 5 records) but at that record doesn't get synced to ON PREM (so on prem got only 4 records)

    There isn't an error in the logging. The sync simply doesn't notice that there is an extra record in the azure DB. 



    Wednesday, September 11, 2019 6:15 PM

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  • Hi Bram,

    This issue is really hard to track down but wanted to provide the detailed steps to add an on-premise database as a sync member, as a means of reviewing the steps in case something was missed: To add an on-premises SQL Server database

    I did want to ask a few questions:

    • When you say you deleted a record in the Azure SQL Database (Hub) and this deletion was sync'd to the SQL Server on-premise (Sync Member) database followed by inserting a record and this record did not sync, was the record you inserted the same record type as the one deleted?
    • Is the user name the data sync runs as a member of the DataSync_Executor role on the SQL Server on-premise (Sync Member) instance?
    • What is the Sync Directions value set when you added the on-premise sync member? (Bi-directional Sync, To the Hub, or From the Hub)
    • Does eventvwr show any errors under Windows Logs or Application and Services Logs?

    Thank you for any additional details you can share.



    Thursday, September 12, 2019 5:07 PM