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  • First of all I am not a programmer. I write simple applications to help me with work projects.

    This problem is above my skill level, so I want to learn.

    When a person is interviewed (various ages) they may say words, or sentences that contain decipherable and hidden meanings. On a table I have a list of those words and sentences, along with other information. I want to be able to compare words and sentences in a data aware memo field (different table) . The way it works is I copy and paste an interview into the memo field. From that point I want to be able to find those words an sentences (as listed in a table that contains a list of those words and sentences) contained in the memo field. Lastly i want to insert the matching record into a third table.

    I don't know where to begin comparing the memo with the table containing the list. I don't really need this problem coded for me, just explained. I 

    To make this question more clear, the memo field may contain many instances of the key words and sentences. My compare, in my mind, is a little backwards. I need to search the memo field, find all the instances (based on the compare, and insert each instanse in a separate row in the third table.

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  • Did you look for somthing like this

    FI=Program.Directory+"\gettext.txt"  '' name of textfile
    search="1=memo;2=word"               '' words to search
    For s=1 To Array.GetItemCount(search)
      For i=1 To Array.GetItemCount(pos)
        TextWindow.Write( Text.GetSubText(zbuf,pos[i]-20,20))
        TextWindow.WriteLine( Text.GetSubText(zbuf,pos[i]+sLen,20))

    With the text of your topicposting and the search words  memo and  word the output is:

    You will have to expand the program to read the search word form a file, and write the output to a file.

    If you add a search for sentences, you have to think about capital letters, and the possibility for linebreaks in the sentence.

    Jan [ WhTurner ] The Netherlands

    Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:54 AM