PowerPoint documents don't open on client-side from SharePoint server RRS feed

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  • I would like to find some help to solve the following issue.

    In short, we have a SharePoint server with different MS Office documents.
    When we try to open Word or Excel documents everything works. When we try to
    open PowerPoint documents they open only on clients with MS Office 2003. If a
    client has MS Office XP or 2007 a try to open PowerPoint document results in
    nothing (no errors, no opened document).

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    Details :
    We use ActiveX component called "SharePoint.OpenDocuments.X", X is version.
    You can easily find it in registry. There are three versions of this
    compoenent each comes with different MS office version:
    - SharePoint.OpenDocuments.1 comes with MS Office XP
    - SharePoint.OpenDocuments.2 comes with MS Office 2003
    - SharePoint.OpenDocuments.3 comes with MS Office 2007

    We found out that only when a client uses SharePoint.OpenDocuments.2 (MS
    Office 2003 installed) PowerPoint documents open well. If we use any other
    components nothing happens.
    Server-side MS Office version doesn't change anything (we tried them all).
    There is also no issue with the script - it is simple and the same script
    tries to open any other types of documents - Excel, Word...

    We suspect that this could be one of the many settings somewhere in registry
    which affects this component, but we have no directions to look into.

    Thanks in advance.
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 11:01 AM