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  • I have a EVC++ project targetted toward Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 devices. Recently I joined VS2005 beta2 and migrated the EVC workspace as a VS2005 solution. Since the build needs to be automated outside the IDE, I have a script that calls devenv.exe and cabwiz.exe to do the job. The trouble is that cabwiz.exe seems simply throw an error message without any other warnings or other errors:
    Error: CAB file "u:\VS2005\build\<XXX>_debug.PPC2003_ARM.CAB" could not be created.

    The .INF file used to build CAB is adpated from an old one which was used for EVC++. Since VS2005 puts DLLs/Exes under a directory with spaces, so I have to modify the [SourceDiskNames] entry and enclose the directory with double-quotes:
    =====>new one for VS2005:
    5 = ,"Resources DLL",,"u:\VS2005\PIMAPCEClient\PIMAPRes\Pocket PC 2003 (ARMV4)\Debug\"

    =====>old one for EVC4:
    5 = ,"Resources DLL",,u:\evc\PIMAPCEClient\PIMAPRes\ARMV4Dbg

    I am not sure whether this double-quote caused the trouble or not.

    A few other observations:
    1. The old cabwiz.exe (shipped with Pocket PC 2003 SDK) fails to generate CAB using the new .INF file, with exactly the same error message.
    2. the new cabwize.exe (shipped with VS2005) generates CAB succesfully using the old .INF file.
    3. In my officemate's PC, the new cabwiz.exe can generate CAB succesfully using the new .INF file. He installed VS2005 to drive C:, while I installed to drive D:.

    Thanks for pointers!
    - Lao K
    Friday, September 2, 2005 6:41 PM


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