SCIM Endpoint - Test succeeds, no provisioning happens RRS feed

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  • I've set up a SCIM endpoint to allow user / group provisioning for one of our apps which is registered in AAD.

    I've set up the provisioning in both the classic and new portal and although the connection tests succeed, no provisioning happens even after letting it sit there for > 30mins (Small directory, 5 users).

    In both portals;

    • Testing the connection succeeds, and I can see the test requests happening in my SCIM service (using the console monitor), so I'm happy that it's configured correctly, and that Azure can communicate with my service.
    • Setting Account provisioning to ON and saving reports that provisioning is running
    • Navigating away and back to the same page, the slider is reset to Off.

    In the classic portal, from the Application's dashboard, I'm seeing the message;

    Provisioning is running. Accounts are being synchronised and we'll have more information to display in no more than 2 hours.

    In the classic portal's AAD Reports, the Account Provisioning Activity report shows "No data is available for this report" and the Account Provisioning Errors report also shows the same, but this report additionally gives a status of "Synchronization not yet executed".

    It's almost as though it's starting and immediately stopping again, but I've go no way of seeing why.

    Can anyone advise?

    UPDATE: Using wireshark, I can see the test requests coming in - which is good...HOWEVER, absolutely NO requests come in once I start provisioning. It's like it's not even attempting to provision

    UPDATE : Running the tests now is passing an empty bearer token (whereas before it was indeed passing a valid token)

    Friday, February 24, 2017 2:26 PM