Getting report to work RRS feed

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  • I receive database records from many sources.  Each country and State are on different formats.  I eventually get them into a Microsoft recognizable format, but I cannot get the report printed out the way that the world medical council wants it. 

    The records are in order in this manner

    Record A is the country

    Record B is the State within that Country

    Record C is the local area withing that State.

    Records D, E and F are legal considerations.

    Record G are more governmental Regulations pertaining to the local area.

    Records  H,I J and K pertain to the medical condition of the patient.  The diagnosis is a field that can grow and on occasion can shrink.  Printing all of this the report looks horrible.

    I have to try to make fields visible or show them.  For some reason the report module seems to look at a group of records instead of the records independently.

    They would like the first four records to print together on the first line.

    I tried to set up a character to turn on at the Group Level and then turn it off on Detail Retreat, but it never turns off.  I even tried to debug that level and it never hits the Debug.  I do not know if I will get it because the Report Module will not process the records one at a time.

    Any assistance with be very appreciated.    Thank You in advance.

    Sunday, May 12, 2019 10:49 AM