Workflow Loop question


  • hello

    I have a list which when a user changes a field initiates a workflow based on the date.

    Stage:Pool Vehicles In Use - Return
     Set Variable: Date to Today
     Step: In Use
      If Current Item:Reserve Date From equals Variable: Date
      and Current Item:Return is empty value
       Set Status to In Use
       Set Used By to Current Item:Modified By
       Email Current Item:Used By
    Transition to stage
     Go to End of Workflow

    that works fine.

    I would like to either this workflow or to have another one separate which:

    1) When the date changes to +1 (next day) user to receive an email reminder that he will need to go to the list and change a field.

    2) User to receive email repeadedly every 24h email reminder that will need to go to list to change the field.

    If somebody can give couple of loop examples with either date, or hours or other variables would be helpful.

    thank you in advance

    Saturday, February 11, 2017 2:14 PM

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