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  • The OS seems faster than 7 but the start menu would keep me from the switch.


    1. The green background is puke ugly... no way to change it.

    2. The inability to have quick access to user pinned programs is an inconvenient shock.

    3. The inability to select the old style of start menu is insulting.

    4. I have a touch pad... I prefer a mouse. I don't like touch screens... not good for the screen, unless it is glass, then too much glare.

    5.Without the old start screen, one loses a quick, uninterrupted launchpad to documents, downloads, pictures, videos, music, and user pinned programs. How is that good? I could see making F1 the new start menu, or having the option to set a key or key combo.


    Overall Suggestion:  You can go off into la la land... just let the users stick with what works best for them.


    The speed is outstanding! Maybe it is due to it being a stripped down version, or else not yet becoming cluttered with cache files, history, records, gunk in the trunk, but it definitely seems faster than a new windows 7 install. Kudos to the programmers... back to work to the designers.


    Also the log on screen is that ugly green and ugly design. I was excited about the windows 7 design when it came out... I'm the type to not care a lick about design... black background on my pc... but this Windows 8 design is so disgusting, I'm already sick of it after just one day. If I don't like it... it's got to be bad.


    The edges of windows are square, not rounded. The shades of transparency or non-transparency are again locked into set color hues. Even XP didn't do that.


    I definitely praise the programmers for the speed and lightness of the operating system though. Make an OS that is stable (cleaner is usually more stable) that looks and functions great (user abilities is key)... and Apple will lose a portion of their customers to that system.



    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2:32 AM

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  • You've touched on a nerve that I've been drilling on for the past few weeks myself. I completely agree with just about everything you said. However, this is a pre-beta and Microsoft has already made it known that many features it will have are not included in the developer preview, so I withhold complete judgement on the Metro Start screen at least until the beta release. I assume and hope that Microsoft intends for you to be able to customize the screen in future releases. I actually kind of like the square edges on the windows and buttons in the classic desktop. I see that as one of several things that sets it apart from windows 7. I have hated the new explorer menu bars since they first appeared in Office 2007, then Windows Live Mail for windows 7. They take up too much space, and they show many options I never use and probably never will use. I like the old style menu bars that stayed collapsed until you wanted to see the options. Also, at times I'm lost without the old start menu. It needs to be there on the classic desktop, and users should have the option to boot to the classic desktop if they wish. I'm actually very surprised with compatibility of legacy windows apps on WDP. In that respect, it has so far been better than Vista or 7.
    Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2:59 AM