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  • Hi everybody,

    I'm currently working on a Windows Store App and wanted to take advantage of the Semantic Zoom when displaying a TV-Schedule (In the zoomed in View you can view a FlipView with the Schedule - in Zoomed Out you can select Station-Groups & Stations or Drag the stations around)

    For a while now there is a problem in the Zoomed Out View - the Pointer Position is off so some Items are not selectable at all (when you mouse over something the mouse over and click happens on some other element

    When the pointer is in the center everything's ok but the further you go to a border the more off the position is)

    the XAML looks like this:

    (SemanticGrid simply extends Grid and implements ISemanticZoomInformation and GridViewEx allows drag and drop across groups)

    <SemanticZoom x:Name="EPG_semanticZoom"  Grid.RowSpan="3"  >
                <ui:SemanticZoomFlipView Grid.Row="1" Visibility="{Binding IsLoading, Converter={StaticResource FalseToVisibleConverter}}" x:Name="flipView"
                        Padding="80, 60, 80, 60"
                        ItemsSource="{Binding AllStationsGroups}"
                        ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource EPGFlipViewItemTemplateSelector}"
                        ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource EPG_FlipViewItemStyle}"       Style="{StaticResource EPG_FlipViewStyle}"/>
                    <control:SemanticGrid >
                        <ui:GridViewEx x:Name="StationsGridView" SelectionMode="None"
                                   Padding="116, 136, 80, 80"
                                   ItemsSource="{Binding Mode=OneWay, Source={StaticResource groupedItemsViewSource}}"
                                   ItemTemplate="{StaticResource EPG_SelectionStationItemDataTemplate}"
                                <GroupStyle ContainerStyle="{StaticResource EPG_StationGroupItemStyle}" HeaderTemplate="{StaticResource EPG_StationGroupHeaderTemplate}">
                                            <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical" >
                                    <WrapGrid />

    Anybody knows, what the problem might be?

    Thanks a lot.

    Friday, October 4, 2013 11:03 AM


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  • Can you share your 'entire' simple repro sample on SkyDrive so that we can understand your problem better and help.

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    Saturday, October 5, 2013 12:07 AM
  • Thanks for your response :)

    I figured it out over the weekend: i was using a visual state triggered by the ZoomChange which messed it up.
    Tuesday, October 8, 2013 8:36 AM