How would you create an .avi or .wmv file in VB 2005 from binary data source? RRS feed

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  • I have looked everywhere and keep hitting a brick wall; hopefully somebody here can give me some direction.  From what I've found, it appears that C++ is the language that multimedia codecs are designed for, but can work with VB; but there is no documentation that I could find.  I am looking to simply extract the bytes required from the source data files and put them in an .avi/.wmv file for use in a data analysis tool such as DiaDEM.  I am accomplished at parsing bytes out of the files; I just cannot find how to order them in a new file and if compression is necessary, whether I need to use a codec(s), etc.

    I have test data that has been collected in binary format (Big Endian) and I have the mapping of the data and types.  2 of the 44 data files contain video streams.   The format is the following:


    Type: Unsigned integer

    Size/Format: 8 bit

    Units: N/A

    Resolution: N/A

    Range/Enumeration: 0 to 239

    Accuracy: N/A

    Comments: 640 x 480 pixels at 8 bits each

    For each of the messages recorded in addition to the video data other fields are recorded.  I can parse out just the video data, but am trying to find out how to create an .avi file and write the binary data to the file in such a was that it is  a standard .avi/RIFF file.

    I am not so much concerned with viewing this on a VB form as I am creating the .avi file to be used by other applications.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 7:44 PM