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  • Hi guys,

      I encounter an issue and I'm able to cope with it. It regards name discrepancy between DNS and Netbios name of the domain causing the failure during MS CLM 2007 configuration. Actually, I’m not able to create expected computer account in MS SQL 2005. I appreciate any help, idea.


    ISSUE: CLM2007 configuration is not completed because different   DNS name (A.b.c) and NETBIOS (Netbios) name of the domain MS Windows 2003. An expected computer account A\Server1$  is not able to be created in MS SQL 2005 even manually



    DNS domain name: A.b.c

    Netbios name: Netbios

    Domain: MS Windows 2003 domain functional mode

    The box with CLM: Server1

    • Host VMWARE server1.0.4:
    • MS Windows 2003 EE SP2 R2
    • MS SQL 2005 SP2 Standard
    •  MS ILM 2007
    • Subordinace Enterprise CA – issue certificate


    Other boxes

    • Server2, Server3: 2xPDC Windows 2003 R2, role = windows 2003 domain
    • Server 4: Ca root Standalone
    • Server5: MS Exchange 2007



    MS ILM 2007 installation has been completed correctly. However, CLM 2007 configuration wizard encountered the issue during assigning permission for computer Server1$ account  in MS SQL server :


    An error occured: Problem while executing the SQL statement

    if not exists(select * from master.dbo.syslogins where loginname=N'A\Server1$')


         exec sp_grantlogin N'A\Server1$'


    >Windows NT user or group 'A\Server1$' not found. Check name again


    We even weren’t able to add A\Server1$ account into MS SQL (security, logins) manually. The object wasn’t found. But, we were able to add netbios\Server1$ account into MS SQL (security, logins) manually!  




    1. How  does MS SQL (Active directory…) configure to succeed in adding A\Server1$ account into its security, logins section of MS SQL server?



    Thanks million


    Thursday, November 13, 2008 10:44 AM