VS Community 2015 - Help Viewer - configuration help


  •  I had a situation where I had to uninstall the Microsoft Help Viewer 2.2  ( HlpViewer.exe ) and use a restore point to reinstall (since could not find a download).  I had tried to move default download directory to D: and wound up with permission problems that I could not resolve and thought the restore would give me the original program settings back..

    Now Help viewer reports:
          "The location you specified for installing Help content is invalid, or you do not have permission to access it."
    With no options to correct the situation.

    I have spent hours trying to find registry entries or configuration files where the path is specified without any luck.  I also refreshed the install in "Programs and Features" so the path is stored in an existing config file or registry setting that I can not find.  Also looked a command line switches for HlpCtntMgr.exe and HlpViewer.exe, no help.


    Any help finding where to specify the download path and where the default directory should be located would be greatly appreciated. 


    Sunday, March 06, 2016 7:33 PM