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  • I'm porting DirectDraw driver on WinCE 6.0. It works fine in 16 bit mode,but when the driver is changed to 32 bit bpp format, applications will crashed if they call DirectDrawCreate.The following is debug infomation:

    Exception 'Data Abort' (4): Thread-Id=07de0012(pth=83b574d4), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=80ce0aa0) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=07dd0012(pprc=827f3bf4) 'ddex1.exe'
    PC=c0392084(gwes.dll+0x000e2084) RA=c039206c(gwes.dll+0x000e206c) SP=d6f6f750, BVA=00000000
    Recursively calling KDEnableInt(FALSE, psvdThread != NULL) 1 time(s). This OK if KdStub stumbling on its own BP.
      KdTrap: Exception in debugger, Addr=0xC0392084 -  attempting to recover

    ERROR: D:\Dublin2-2\private\winceos\COREOS\gwe\gwe\.\gwe_s.cpp line 1393: An exception occurred in GWE at c0392084.

    According the map file,I just could find that occurs in the function ConvertColorTableToPixelFormat, and the source are not open.

    Any one would tell me why the abortion occured? Thanks a lot.

    Friday, January 28, 2011 1:02 AM