CPU quota for Store Apps?


  • Hello all,

    although most of our application logic is written in JavaScript, there's some functionality which is encapsuled in C++ components.

    In there, we return IAsyncOperation objects created using Concurrency::create_async. The create_async lambda returns not a Concurrency::task but the final result of the operation.

    But although there are plenty of resources available (CPU at <40%, disk I/O between 10% and 60%), the app is still running quite slowly. This is especially confusing when there are a lot of different tasks to be executed like thumbnailing a number of files for a ListView (the thumbnailer uses create_async), copying a file (asynchronous via StorageFile::CopyAsync), running some post-processing on another item (create_async, too).

    Also I took care to explicitly use Concurrency::continuation_context::use_arbitrary() in continuations where applicable.

    So my question is whether there are any limitations imposed upon the app by the OS or otherwise or whether there is anything I can do to more effectively use the available resources. I'd be grateful for any hints since I tried a number of different approaches without getting anywhere.

    Best regards

    Monday, December 17, 2012 10:03 AM


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