How to create TableAdapter for derived/arbitrary table in proper scope??? RRS feed

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  • For subreport processing we create a table by copying an existing table (in the Dataset designer), Renaming it, and then Configuring it so that the query has parameter(s.)


    The Table and Adapter are there in the designer, and we can Preview data after entering parameter values.


    We then pass parameter(s) from the main report to subreports and use the parametric table in the subreports.


    So far so good and it all works well *once* it is all hacked together...




    When the Table is first created and configured (and no matter how many times it's configured etc), it's Adapter is not automagically added to the project/solution (so that it's not even available.)


    We've discovered that when that happens we can add it, but then it ends up in the Solutions' outermost scope and is not directly available in the Dataset/Reporting scope.

    Thereafter and using FQ scoping, it doesn't appear to work properly.


    We've found that once this happens, if we try using FQ scoping and muck about in our code and the Dataset designer, sooner or later it starts working as advertised and we can remove the explicit Datasource spec at global scope (by deleting it out of the Solution explorer.)


    Are we doing something wrong, is this by design, or is it a defect/feature???




    - Lance


    Thursday, July 19, 2007 1:48 AM

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  • Bump.


    Can anyone please help us with this situation, or at least let us know if this is "by design" behavior?

    Friday, July 20, 2007 2:39 PM