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  • Hi,

    I'm using Windows Embedded Compact 2013 with Compact Framework. To deploy my application I'm using the CoreConn (client + accept) as ActiveSync seem no longer supported :(

    Now I'm trying to get a context menu on a Listview while user hold his finger down on an item. I remember we had the same behavior on Files Explorer of Windows CE 6. So I set the property MenuContext of my ListView to a valid context menu. But when holding my finger on the item and see the spinner animation but the menu never appears.

    Then, I notice that all MouseEvent of ListView seem not working while using touch screen (finger). It is normal ?

    After that I try intercepting Windows Message using this but every time I hook the WindProc like this :

        public class ListViewEx : ListView
            public ListViewEx()
                WndProcHooker.HookWndProc(this, new WndProcHooker.WndProcCallback(this.WM_MouseUp_Handler), Win32.WM_LBUTTONUP);
            private int WM_MouseUp_Handler(IntPtr hwnd, uint msg, uint wParam, int lParam, ref bool handled)

    of the ListView, the debugger crash and I got the following error :

    The remote connection to the device has been lost.  Please verify the device connection and restart debugging.

    Could it be related to some catalog missing item of my BSP ?

    Is somebody can help me with that ? I'm a little bit disappointed and out of idea to get touch event works on the Listview control.

    Best regards,

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  • Grrr I just that : GetWindowLong/SetWindowLong on GWL_WNDPROC crashes in Compact 2013

    It has been accepted by Microsoft as a bug. We hope to get it fixed. Otherwise you cannot hook on WndProc at all for ARMv7 on Compact 2013.

    Windows Embedded Compact 2013 only disappointment over disappointment. I would have been better to stay with Linux. 

    I need a file explorer, where the file explorer that we had in Windows CE 5 ?

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