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    Please forgive my "noob"iness, but I have little to no experience with Windows Mobile OS.  This may be a very simple request and answered quickly... if so, I thank you in advance.

    I manage a warehousing software application that uses mobile terminals to perform realtime updates to the underlying Oracle database.  To authenticate these terminals to the application, a login/password authentication is used that launches a user profile that attempts to get the MAC address of the terminal to put a record for it into the database as an active device.  The snmpwalk utility is used to do this and we are seeing issues when this login is attempted with a Windows Mobile device.

    My question is, does Windows Mobile OS support snmpwalk requests?  If so, how do you configure the software to respond to such a request for the device's MAC?  Is there another Linux utility that could be used to get this information if snmpwalk is not allowed?

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    Monday, November 18, 2013 4:10 PM