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  • MVP/Microsoft developers,

    Does anyone know how can we make an IFilter for documents written with managed code using System.IO.Packaging.
    Since windows7 is blocking IFilters made with managed code!? ( )
    Do we have to make a new unmanged C++ API to mimic System.IO.Packaging to make the IFilter? or is microsoft comming with a solution to make filters with managed code in Windwos7 or later?
    How have microsoft-office team written the filters(offflt.dll) for there office2007 format? is there an C++ SDK?

    Thanks, Guido


    Windows Search Implementation Notes

    In Windows 7 and later, filters written in managed code are explicitly blocked. Filters MUST be written in native code due to potential CLR versioning issues with the process that multiple add-ins run in.

    Friday, November 13, 2009 11:48 AM

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