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  • Ok, I've searched everywhere and have gotten mixed information about whether this is possible with standard Sharepoint functions.  I new at Sharepoint, but I'm doing this to help out the department which is short of help right now. 

    Here's what I'm intending to do - We need a small ticketing system to track software requests.  I created a basic list that accomplishes this fine.  I created another list with criteria that software must meet in order to be approved called software evaluations.  I made a "choice" column called approval status in both lists that have the following options: Approved, Pending, Rejected.  I'd like the softwarerequests.approvalstatus to mirror whatever the softwareevaluations.approvalstatus column value is. 

    I created a workflow using SPD and it's seemingly easy to use.  I attached it to the softwarevaluations list and set the following as the matching criteria:

    if softwareevaluations.approvalstatus = "approved" then softwarerequests.approvalstatus = "approved".

    It mentions that the values aren't unique, but I accept anyway.  It doesn't do anything and I'm thinking it might be because it doesn't know what "issue" to reference. 


    I feel I'm all over the place right now, so it might be easier if someone just asks me what you need to know to help.


    Thursday, September 9, 2010 5:33 PM


  • Hi,

    Well, this is a common problem which most of the people face when they are new to SharePoint (90% of the cases). To be very precise, this can be done using SharePoint Designer but you need to understand one thing.

    Whenever you are updating an item of some other list (on which the workflow is not running), then you need to have a column in that list whose value will match with the column of the item, on which the workflow is running. Now in your case, both the lists (Software Request and Software Evaluations) must have a common column value for each list item. This is required because you need to tell the workflow that out of several items on the other list, which item he should update. Therefore, for that you need to use a column of an item in the other list whose value equals any of the column value of the item on which the workflow is running. In short, for unique identification. You are absolutely right in figuring out that the workflow does not know which issue it should refer.

    I tried my best to clear this concept but in case if you have any doubt, you can write here or can mail me at ginni.sharma@zentechnologies.com



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